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Saturday, December 16, 2017

A new approach towards the manifestation of sexuality

Theories are the points of origination for a number of things in the world of human beings. The aspect of sexuality and fetishes has also been one of them. The reason why we would be saying so is that everything has its point of inception and is actually triggered by an individual or a set of events in a progressive manner.
Most of the events in the world have been backed by theories and some of them have triggered the international media to rather unconventional limits. For instance, the moon landing has been causing a lot of controversy with a set of pessimists bringing forth their very own theory about how it was faked. Nonetheless one can say that the ends of human sexuality have also been subjected to such theories, especially with regards to its point of inception.
Where does the manifestation of sexual fantasies take place?
The inception of sexual fantasies has a whole lot to do with past experiences. Nobody can randomly grow a fetish or a certain preference for something that they have not been subjected to, especially if it has the induction of pain and discomfort.
Research suggests that there may be a past experience associated with people that are portraying such behaviours related to BDSM. For instance the person may have been spanked as a kid that may have triggered this fetish for masochism. Similarly the person may have been attracted to the human feet or any other specific unconventional body part, thus triggering a liking towards it.
Now the person may or may not have been spanked intentionally in their childhood, but either way that experience has been etched in the mind of the person which later manifested in the form of a sexual preference. The spanking would have triggered a sensation of pleasure in the mind of the person and this has been the major reason behind the manifestation of the sexual fantasy in the person.
Is this behavioural characteristic normal?
The human behaviour is not bound to any form of limits. In reality we are social beings that learn or derive from several experiences. A set of events that may have taken place a very long time ago can be a major cause for the inception of behaviour.
When it comes to the sexual fantasies of a person, there are a large number of factors which may initiate the set of preferences. We are naturally influenced with respect to our sexual behaviour through media like television daily soaps, movies and porn videos as well. Even these could be the trigger for any form of behaviour that we may want to practise in our sexual advances.
The best and the most ideal explanation would be with regards to the fact that such an ordeal can be associated with the human mind and its advancement in the modern age. The human mind is a complex machine which is capable of deriving a lot of information and storing it over a long period of time. It is a computer which processes information in a dormant manner until the right time has come.

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