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Saturday, December 16, 2017

What Kind Of Mistress (Or Slave) Are You?

Before diving deep into the crux of the article, let us define who a mistress is and expound on the various
types of mistress that exists. Who is a mistress? A mistress is a lady that engages in a relationship with a a
man who isn't ready to take responsibilities of getting married and raising his own family. However, a mistress
is that person that has an affair with such man in denial. In most scenarios, mistresses aren't chosen based

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on their looks or heights but rather based on their personality and how they are able to maturely express
themselves. To know the category of types of mistresses that you are, read on to the next paragraph as it is
explained in details.

Having defined who a mistress is and the basis of choosing one, below are the types that are present:
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