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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dominance and Submission from an integral point of view

Dominance and Submission from an integral point of view
The concept of dominance and submission has been widely common in erotic encounters. People have been indulging themselves within this act from a very long period of time since the inception of the phase when acts of sexuality began to be explored.
With the ascendancy of time, people have been taking their fascinations on to a complete different level and it is quite understandable from the fact that we are always intrigued on trying out something completely different. Dominance and submission is basically a subpart of BDSM, an erotic manoeuvre which enables the partners to indulge in a sensuous role-play.
People have different set of fantasies
When interacting with the partner, many couples confess to the fact that they like to be dominated by their better half. It is completely irrespective of the gender and the partners associated tend to do it from their own will.
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Dominance and Submission predominantly is a behaviour which is surfaced from internal sensual desires. It is a characteristic feature of the person’s very own mindset with respect to their sexual desires and fantasies.
Most people often tend to confuse it between being behaviour, custom or even a ritual. Predominantly it is a behavioural characteristic. It can be totally different among people originating from different backgrounds. It is also persistent among all types of sexual encounters, be it long term relationships or even the casual ones. The mind in such individuals tentatively likes to be under the leadership (in this aspect “dominance”) as they feel aroused with such a manoeuvre.
From a statistical point of view, people mostly associate submission with the aspects of women; however the truth lies in the fact that this behaviour is also present and quite profound among males. The mindset of the individual and their character from a sexual point of view tends to make them either dominant or submissive.
The person that takes the form of the dominant partner is generously more profound in bed during sexual encounters and erotic episodes. In easier language they are the ones that take the initiative of the sensual regime. Their partners on the other hand are the ones that enjoy sexual encounters when being ordered. The submissive behaviour in this aspect is retrospective to the fact that sensually they feel aroused when being controlled by their partner.
As a subset of BDSM
As a subset of BDSM, as it is commonly referred to; ‘D’ and ‘S’ denotes Dominance and Submission. Sexual encounters in this phase are completely different from the conventional ones. The ‘wild’ quotient in this kind of a relationship is more prolific and well defined.
Conventional sex basically has the partners engaging in sexual activities in an equal manner. Both the partners take control of the act and are neither submissive nor dominant. It is more of an act which includes sensuousness rather than being a fascination or an erotica as well. BDSM can thus be defined as the set of behaviours which influences the sexual act in an intimidating as par the nature of the participants. 

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