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Friday, September 4, 2015

Consent or is it Coercion!

It is impeccable that we have an idea of where we are supposed to draw the line. During the acts of a sensual encounter, being able to draw the line at the right point may have a major role to play. When it comes to emphasizing on the wildest dreams and desires of an individual, having the requisite consent is really important.
As a matter of fact it can be the deciding factor as to whether or not the relationship would have a future. People often fail to realize the fact that there is a very fine line between consent and compulsion. This line is often breached and therefore the most deleterious results take place. The important thing that we need to realize is where we are supposed to draw the line.
So how do we begin with the act?
Manifesting sexual desires into the real world actually calls in for a lot of guts. We are absolutely blank regarding how our counterparts are going to react and therefore we may not have the best of idea about anything. It can also lead us to lose our way and in turn engage into something which is completely unacceptable.
The fine line between consent and compulsion can be best understood from an integral point of view. It is best we communicate with our partners and let them know of our desires and sexual thoughts.
In such a way the participants can expect a generous talk with respect to the topic such that they get to know about what they both want.
Often a mutual agreement is brought up where the partners are ensured of the acts that they are going to undertake. At times however, the entire ordeal is not this well-defined. Sometimes the partners willingly decide to go with the flow and let the things happen on its own. This is where there are chances of compulsion tend to kick in. In order to avoid a compulsive situation, it would be better to understand the comfort ratio of the partner. If they are comfortable with the act then it is a green signal, but anything apart from it might be indicative of something else.
There have been instances when people have crossed the line and ended up under the instances of compulsion while being carried away with the flow of the events.
What if we are not able to decipher the fine line?
In case if we are unsure of where the line stretches to, it would be better to have a complete conversation with the partner. It may be an incredibly tough ordeal for the people that tend to be reserved, but it’s always good to have a healthy chat before engaging into sex with the partners.
A conversation is actually the best way to bring about the prospects of one’s preference. It entitles both of the people to understand the need of the hour and how they must get on with the act for the best of results surrounding their sexual fantasies.

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