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Monday, April 14, 2014

The pro-tips to make you the alpha in the bedroom

In terms of sexual acts, many partners may not actually be able to say so, but in reality they have an indefinite liking towards being dominated. In terms of a sexual relationship, it is pretty common for people to have their very own set of desires and fantasies. Being the submissive one or the dominant one is just one of it.
Over the years, acts of role-play and BDSM have been quite common in sexual acts. It is owing to the fact that people are now willing to explore newer ways of making things pleasing and sensual. The acts under the genre of BDSM are specially associated with enhancement of sexual pleasures in an unconventional manner. It has been finding its way to modern households, especially among the new generation couples that are more than intrigued on exploring their intimate fantasies.

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