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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getting over the initial discomfort during a BDSM act

One of the most comprehensive elements about a sensual relationship that revolves around the concept of submission and dominance tends to be the initial discomfort that the participants may feel. This discomfort or hesitation is present in most of the people as they are not able to break through the shell on the level of inception.
In order to make the act a mesmerising one, it is important that the partners stand up for themselves. This issue may be present in both the partners or may affect any one of them. Gaining a head-start completely depends on the mindset of the individual. What we people need to realize is the fact that kinky desires tend to be quite natural and can be present in almost anyone out there. There isn’t anything unusual about it and therefore being open about it is not an issue at all.
Having a specific fantasy but not being able to talk about it
Often people have a very specific fantasy in their mind but hesitate about speaking of it. It is quite natural and especially for the first timers. To render comfort, it would be helpful to know that the conception of vanilla sex is rather out-dated in the present age.
People are more reluctant on trying out something different which would help them to elude the same old stuff during a sensual encounter. Being social beings we are meant to communicate and relay our feelings to the partner.
From the point of view of a partner, we also expect to be trusted and being communicated with. People have sensual desires and several fantasies which often are pretty amazing. According to research, the human species is rather more interested towards sexual evolution which makes them think out of the box.
Till date, porn has been one of the major ways by virtue of which people have been gaining a hold of such fantasies. In the real world however, we consider porn fantasising as taboo. It is important that we break these limits and freely engage in exploring our sexuality.
The fear of rejection
One of the other major reasons as to why partners generally stay bound to limits is the fear of rejection. What they fail to realize is the fact that the problem related to rejection is only a mirage and generally non-existent. The person would hesitate fearing the fact that they might inflict a wrong image in the mind of their partners, but the reality is far from what we see.
While engaging in any form of a sexual act, we expect to catch a glimpse of the inner thoughts within our partners. We are always reluctant on being able to see what they are from the inside. People have confessed to the fact that they appreciate this quotient of trust ahead of any discomfort. Such fantasies can make a sensual act rather pleasing and more satisfying. If the person is willing to open up their heart and speak with contention, then the emotional ecstasy during a sexual event transcends to a completely new level.    

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