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Master-Slave Relationship: How to Set the 10 Rules and Follow Them

Probably you watched the film Fifty Shades of Grey and your curiosity just got the best of you. The first step
is really getting to know what is a master-slave relationship. In simple terms, it is when one person serves
another in a relationship. The slave obeys the master's every instruction, but you should understand that the
master's values are consented by the slave. Basically, in this type of relationship, one person simply owns the
other. The next step in a master-slave relationship is knowing how to set the rules and follow them.

1. Know exactly what you want
You need to clearly understand what you want from a master-slave relationship before you decide to get into
one. Mostly it is about fulfilling a fantasy you have, however, you need to be very precise about which exact
fantasy you want to be fulfilled. When you can accurately answer what it is you want, then you can find a
partner to give you exactly that. You should, however, understand that it may not be exactly what you wanted
but at least it's close and that's a good thing.

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