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The 5 pro-tips to make you the alpha in the bedroom

Nailing the act of a dominatrix in the bed
The submissive partner needs to be dominated in the perfect manner such that the sensual encounter can have the most of impact on the couple. There are a number of ways in which this height can be achieved. 
  • Making the move: One of the most premier capabilities of the dominatrix is the fact that they are the ones that initiate the act. Being the dominant one, it is important that they take the lead and perform all of the unconventional sensual acts. 
  • Relishing the flavour of bondage in sex: The partners that tend to be submissive in nature also have a liking towards ‘bondage’. The flavours of the encounter can be enhanced by virtue of several sex toys that are available in the market. These sex toys have been shaped to suit the convention of dominance and submission. It can add up a whole new flavour to the concept of love making. 
  • Going at par with the fantasies of the partner: One of the other best ways to initiate the best of sensual encounters being the dominatrix is being able to live at par with the expectations of the partner. Communicating with them to understand what they want off the act is a brilliant way to make things spicier.
    At times the partners might be intrigued on held tightly, spanked or even dominated to unconventional limits in any possible way. The dominating partner can thus enact upon them and bring about the best from the sensual encounter. 
  • Designing the room: The colour contrast of the room has a major part to play in sexual stimulation. Generally a single primary colour accompanied by two ascending colours is a great example of the ideal colour contrast. 
  • Sex games accessories: There are a large number of accessories available like staffs, spanking benches, whips, handcuffs, devil horns, sex swings, thrones and much more. All of it necessarily adds to the entire flavour and helps to make the experience really intense at the end of the day. 

One of the keys is to ensure that there is communication so that as a dominant one can understand the desires of their submissive partners. Having good space in the room also ensures better chances of exploring each other sexuality during the course of the act.    

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