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Dating a dominatrix: The secret relationship behind the profession. Common Misconceptions

In the common world it has taken long before the issue of sexual female domination come to be accepted as
a reality. There has been misconceptions concerning the pleasure derived form such acts by both the
dominant partner and the submissive one.The world is however changing and it is now being realised that
both parties involved in dominatrix derive pleasure from the act.Sexual taboos and religion have played a
major role in suppressing the dominatrix type of relationships from the past untill recently where by it is now
being socially accepted slowly by slowly.

In a dominatrix relationship, it is usually the female partner who is dominant and the other partner becomes
the submissive character. It should however be noted that in a dominatrix dating it is not necessarily important
that it consists of a male and a female since as can be seen in some instances, a female versus another
female can still be involved in a dominatrix dating whereby one female is dominant and the other female is
submissive.This is one of the misconceptions that has been observed for long but now it is clear that the sex
does not really matter for one to have a dominatrix relationship.

The pleasure derived from dating a dominatrix varies from sexual acts to other various forms of submission.
A good example is where for instance a female dominatrix enjoys humiliating the submissive partner either by
insults or other humiliating acts like watching the submissive partner drink her pee.The main thing in
dominatrix is the female character exhibiting power and control over the submissive client which gives the
dominant character a sense of satisfaction. The other misconception that used to exist is that the pleasure
has to be accompanied with sexual acts but as explained it can now be seen that the whole episode may
have no sexual acts in it and still achieve its purpose.

The revolution experienced in sexuality and sex in general has seen many changes which used to be
considered out of context accepted and practised freely thus enhancing sexual freedom which has been
hidden in personal closets. Fetishes have become norms and can now be discussed and practised openly
without the need to hide.The dominatrix relationships have not been left behind in this fetish thing since it can
be observed that a dominant woman can just sit down and have even a male counterpart worship her feet if
she has a fetish for feet.

The dominatrix relationships seek to address the difference of masculinity whereby the male have always
been seen to dominate their female counterparts. This domination has been seen where women are regarded
as prostitutes and even traded off in brothels where their male counterparts dominate over them and pay for
those services to the brothel owners. In this scenario of dating a dominatrix the roles are reversed and the
female personality are claiming their spot and dominating the scene which gives them a sense of control
which they were deprived for long by traditions, society cultures and religion.

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